Supported start-ups

Supported start-ups

Bota Sytems

Provide force torque sensors of space-grade performance, sustainable and affordable to make next generation machines collaborative and safe.


Making metallic additively manufactured parts ultra-high vacuum leak tight for space applications.


In-space transportation with a standalone small satellite – opening the access to high Earth orbits and beyond.


Miniaturized fuel cell based power systems to deliver clean energy wherever needed in space.


Brings healable and sustainable composites for ultra-fast repair on earth and above.


Machine learning-based software that curates large amounts of geospatial data for earth observation.


Transforming optical communication on earth and in space.

MicroR systems

Provides lasers with ultra-pure colors for precision applications ranging from telecommunications to LIDAR.


10 times smaller and lighter microwave devices for satellite communication systems through patented technology for subwavelength engineering.


Offers photonic and quantum full-stack solutions for next-gen sensing, networking and computing.


Risk analysis for natural and man-made catastrophe risks with the use of high fidelity computational engineering.


On-earth and in-orbit 3D printing of novel high-performance polymer space components.


Linking hospitals, warehouses and businesses with long-range drone-based logistics.


A platform enabling users to train machine learning detectors to automate the detection of objects within earth observation images, without a single line of code.


Solar fuel production system using space solar cells for terrestrial and space applications.


Chips that intelligently reconfigure themselves in real-time to consume the least possible amount of energy.


Autonomous flying robots with the unique capability to approach, touch, and interact with the environment.

UrbanData Lab

Is a cloud based service, offering advanced location analytics and customized business intelligence to enable smarter business decisions.

XR Nanotech

Diffractive optics with highest precision for making the invisible visible.


GNSS/RTK-technology and augmented reality to visualize, measure and modify geospatial data with centimeter accuracy in the field.

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© 2021 ESA BIC Switzerland. All rights reserved.