Supported start-ups

Supported start-ups

Bota Sytems

Provide force torque sensors of space-grade performance, sustainable and affordable to make next generation machines collaborative and safe.

Drone Harmony

Software for automating drone mission planning and flight execution, using satellite data


Brings healable and sustainable composites for ultra-fast repair on earth and above.

EH Group

Compact, robust and cheap hydrogen fuel cells for a cleaner environment and a decarbonized future

Cysec Systems

Cybersecurity solutions for ground and space data


Drones for planetary missions and industrial applications on earth


Real-time planning of energy and linear infrastructures in 3D, thanks to satellite images

MicroR systems

Provides lasers with ultra-pure colors for precision applications ranging from telecommunications to LIDAR.


High frequency trading technology applied to spacecraft flight software


Offers photonic and quantum full-stack solutions for next-gen sensing, networking and computing.

Menhir Photonics

Industrial-grade short pulse lasers for innovative applications, e.g. space telecommunication


High precision, multi-compound analyzers for greenhouse gases, air-pollutants and gases in space

Neural Concept

The first 3D deep learning software solution dedicated to computer assisted engineering and design


Risk analysis for natural and man-made catastrophe risks with the use of high fidelity computational engineering.


A platform enabling users to train machine learning detectors to automate the detection of objects within earth observation images, without a single line of code.


Chips that intelligently reconfigure themselves in real-time to consume the least possible amount of energy.


The world’s fastest and smallest modulators, overcoming limitations in telecommunications and sensing

UrbanData Lab

Is a cloud based service, offering advanced location analytics and customized business intelligence to enable smarter business decisions.


Autonomous flying robots with the unique capability to approach, touch, and interact with the environment.



Legged robots for space missions and other applications on earth


Ultra low noise amplifiers for space ground stations (+60% data transmission)


Very effective and affordable space solar cells for use on earth


Sustainable and affordable electric actuators – for the machinery industry and space


Wind energy “from a drone”, using satellite technology, for grid and off-grid use


Wind energy “through a twing/kite”, for remote, off-grid and grid use


Technologies and services to safely remove failed satellites or debris


Optimization software for e.g. space systems, autonomous cars, wind energy rotors


Providing collision avoidance solutions for drone pilots and other parties – for a safe sky


Frequency combs for increase of data transmission rates by a factor of 200


Mass spectrometer from space missions for industrial process monitoring and gas surveillance


Membrane solution to revolutionize gas separation – on the ISS and on earth

Davos Instruments

High precision measurement equipment for solar radiometry – based on space technology


Reliable, centimeter precise and affordable positioning – anywhere on Earth

IR Sweep

Ground breaking mid-infrared spectroscopy, for biological molecules and use on satellites


Providing visual navigation to the next generation of service and space robots

Touchless Automation

A tool able to manipulate small objects – incl. space components – without touching them

9T Labs

High-end and 3D printed carbon fibre composites for lightweight satellites, drones etc.

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© 2020 ESA BIC Switzerland. All rights reserved.